Meaning of no comment in English:

no comment

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  • Used in refusing to answer a question, especially in a sensitive situation.

    ‘I spent the day saying ‘No comment’ to every reporter’
    • ‘As for her golf handicap, she declines to reveal what hers is, saying only, "No comment" when the question is asked.’
    • ‘I've read ahead to see the questions at the end and I've put no comment for each.’
    • ‘I have been waiting a long time in politics to say this - no comment.’
    • ‘I had no evidence, and would get denials or no comment if I questioned the alleged lovers.’
    • ‘There is always a risk of getting sucked into the firestorm, so no comment is often a judicious approach.’
    • ‘"No comment," was the council's response to numerous inquiries from the Gazette about the whereabouts of the three officers.’
    • ‘When asked if he would consider changing management at the firm, Armstrong replied: "No comment."’
    • ‘The editor-in-chief says "No comment" to pretty much every interesting question.’
    • ‘When asked to comment on how the meeting went, he smiled and replied, "No comment."’
    • ‘When asked how aware he and his teammates were of the hostage situation, he said, "No comment."’