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no doubt

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  • 1Used to indicate the speaker's firm belief that something is true.

    ‘those who left were attracted, no doubt, by higher pay’
    • ‘The margin of error that must be accepted for these rough guesses is no doubt a substantial one.’
    • ‘If the company had any claim to the plant, the position would no doubt be very different.’
    • ‘Every piece of it in the hands of certain journalists could, no doubt, lead the news.’
    • ‘There are certainly many employees around town who no doubt wish they would, if only for a day.’
    • ‘The design of the new complex will emerge and no doubt be the subject of considerable debate.’
    • ‘The three are appealing against the extradition ruling and the case will no doubt go all the way.’
    • ‘Skip has been there all day and will no doubt give a full update later when he returns.’
    • ‘If the lad is anything like his father he'll no doubt grow to be a man we both will be proud of.’
    • ‘All those who celebrate in this way no doubt regard theirs as a special occasion.’
    I assume, I expect, I believe, I presume, I take it, I suppose, I imagine, I dare say, I would have thought, it is to be presumed, I guess, in all probability, probably, in all likelihood, all things being equal, all things considered, as like as not, as likely as not, doubtless, undoubtedly, no doubt, without doubt
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    1. 1.1Used to introduce a concession which is subsequently dismissed as unimportant or irrelevant.
      ‘they no doubt did what they could to help her, but their best proved insufficient’
      • ‘Many will no doubt disagree with me but imagine yourself in the following position.’
      • ‘He will no doubt gain composure with more experience but he allowed him to smother his shot.’
      • ‘She was guilty, no doubt, but as this immensely moving film makes clear, she was also heartbreakingly human.’
      doubtless, undoubtedly, indubitably, doubtlessly, without doubt, without a doubt, beyond doubt, beyond a doubt, beyond the shadow of a doubt
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