Meaning of no fair in English:

no fair


informal North American
  • Unfair (often used in or as a petulant protestation)

    • ‘no fair—we're the only kids in the whole school who don't get to watch TV on school nights’
    • ‘Now, it's no fair to say you're no Ted Koppel, but the interview sort of moved on.’
    • ‘Please note that it is no fair to throw banana peels in hopes of playing the rescuing hero.’
    • ‘Nancy called, ‘Hey, no fair! ‘and tried to track him with the pistol while at the same time regaining her balance.’’
    • ‘Hey, no fair, I barely handled it for a minute!’
    • ‘Hey, no fair firing at me when I was trying to make a point to someone!’
    • ‘Surely I won't surprise you by noting that those stereotypes are mean, misogynist, and no fair (if you need to keep your term paper short, try a literary survey of evil fathers-in-law).’
    • ‘That's no fair, I was suppose to find them, NOT you two!’
    • ‘Hey that's no fair, why do you have to be ordered around by you?’
    • ‘I tilted my head on my hand, ‘Hey, no fair changing the subject.’’
    • ‘It's no fair talking to the mystery person if you're not going to share with the class, Regan.’