Meaning of no man in English:

no man


  • No person; no one.

    ‘Personally I was upset about it; no man should have legs as nice as that!’
    • ‘Organic farming may not be all the solution - no man of complete sense, I believe, ever argued that it is.’
    • ‘It had the look of somewhere that no man has stood for many years.’
    • ‘Obviously, he's hiding in the Spurs trophy room, a desperately barren place where no man ever goes.’
    • ‘They say no man is a hero to his valet, and now we've all become valets.’
    • ‘No inanimate object is safe from their affections; no man is safe from their put-downs.’
    • ‘Now it seems pretty sure that no man alive in Wales, and very few in the UK, can rival his longevity.’
    • ‘All you need is the will to blindly tread where no man has stooped before.’
    • ‘The destruction of New Orleans was caused by a natural catastrophe over which no man had control.’
    • ‘It is a double that is 40 years old this year and which no man before or since has come close to matching.’
    nobody, not a soul, not anyone, not a person, not a single person, never a one, no man, none