Meaning of no nothing in English:

no nothing


  • (concluding a list of negatives) nothing at all.

    • ‘how could you solve it with no clues, no witnesses, no nothing?’
    • ‘All of a sudden there were no noise complaints, no nothing.’
    • ‘We were completely free, there was no pressure, no nothing - a total creative environment.’
    • ‘But when you're 15 and there's no cinema, no way to get home from a gig, no nothing, all you want to do is get out.’
    • ‘There was no light, no candles, no nothing, just that endless night.’
    • ‘‘There were no maps, no photos, no nothing,’ she says of her trip up and down the 15,000-foot towers on the China-Russia border.’
    • ‘There's no blood, no gore, no inventive deaths, no kick-ass villain, no nothing.’
    • ‘There was no acting, no agenda, no nothing with him.’
    • ‘We didn't visit people there but drove straight through from Israel on a four-lane highway - no border, no check-point, no nothing.’
    • ‘Catherine, there are no deals, no agreements, no nothing.’
    • ‘That's it: no fanfare, no entourage, no nothing.’