Meaning of no thanks to in English:

no thanks to

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  • Used to convey that someone has failed to contribute to, or has hindered, a successful outcome.

    ‘we've won, but no thanks to you’
    • ‘It was no thanks to your driving that only you got hurt.’
    • ‘She is doing fine now, thank God, but it's no thanks to the lack of facilities for transport and radiotherapy.’
    • ‘It's a miracle we've escaped another hit, and it's no thanks to anything these clowns have done.’
    • ‘But jailing him for a year Recorder Christopher Mather said: ‘It is no thanks to you that no one was killed or injured whether that be your passengers or other road users.’’
    • ‘It is no thanks to you that you are not standing here on more serious charges.’
    • ‘And if they did, it was certainly no thanks to me.’
    • ‘And, of course, if he is let's not forget it will be no thanks to our president.’
    • ‘Judge Gullick told him: ‘It is no thanks to you that these 23 people escaped with their lives.’’
    • ‘Well, I found a flat anyway, no thanks to any of the university support stuff, and I lived there for 18 months, and it was great.’
    • ‘I arrived at the store a harrowing thirty minutes later, no thanks to the driver in front of me.’