Meaning of Nobelist in English:


Pronunciation /nəʊˈbɛlɪst/


mainly North American
  • A winner of a Nobel Prize.

    ‘Several people suggested two Nobelists, Severo Ochoa de Albornoz and Santiago Ramón y Cajal, and 16th century scholar Servetus; and my own search came up with them.’
    • ‘And Graham said, on one occasion, ‘Those Nobelists, they could never win a basketball game.’’
    • ‘Add another to the long, long list of U of C Nobelists.’
    • ‘One might have expected that the topic under discussion would be writing and literature, but the Nobelists soon turned to politics.’
    • ‘I was on the fifth floor of a building where David Baltimore and Phillip Sharp (two Nobelists in medicine) were working.’
    • ‘He says that while he admires the Nobelists, ‘In a sense, their work has had very little impact on what we do.’’
    • ‘But it also illustrates a point that I made when last year's Nobelists were announced: it demonstrates how intimately woven evolutionary biology is becoming with medicine.’
    • ‘She drew my attention to an article in tomorrow's Nature about an international call for patent-free, ‘open source’ drug development, signed by various stars, including a couple of Nobelists.’
    • ‘She joined a still-growing list of recent Asian Nobelists, including the Dalai Lama, Bishop Carlos Belo and Jose Ramos Horta, and, in 2000, Kim Dae Jung.’
    • ‘One-quarter of the Nobelists were musicians, and 18 percent practiced visual arts such as drawing or painting.’
    • ‘It appears as if over half of the Nobelists in economics have agreed with the idea of Guaranteed Basic Income.’
    • ‘Amazingly enough, the Nobelist after St. John Perse was also a diplomat.’
    • ‘Few, if any, Nobelists and Nobel class scientists write books, at least while occupied at the lab bench and in hot pursuit of the Prize.’
    • ‘‘Biology will become an engine of transformation of our society,’ writes Nobelist and Cal Tech president David Baltimore in a preface to the published human genome sequence.’
    • ‘It will ‘exacerbate the problem of inequality,’ says Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia University, another Nobelist.’
    • ‘Certainly if there is any Nobelist in Economics who has lived up to the scientific standards of other Nobel Prizes, Vernon Smith is in keeping with that tradition.’
    • ‘In 1921, the Knox Academy brashly issued an honorary membership to Madame Marie Curie, the Polish-French co-discoverer of radium and the only two-time Nobelist in science (physics, chemistry).’
    • ‘But it wasn't until three years ago, when another physics Nobelist, Leon Lederman, asked if the ‘Alvarez test’ could be applied to the Pyramid of the Sun, that broader interest was sparked.’