Meaning of nociceptor in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnəʊsɪˌsɛptə/


  • A sensory receptor for painful stimuli.

    ‘the heat from eating chillies produces ‘nociceptor firing’’
    • ‘Fish, like humans, have nociceptors which detect painful stimuli that respond to chemicals, heat and pressure.’
    • ‘When nociceptors detect a harmful stimulus - such as the hard surface that stubbed your toe - they relay their pain messages in the form of electrical impulses along a peripheral nerve to your spinal cord and brain.’
    • ‘The transduction of noxious stimuli begins with peripheral nociceptors.’
    • ‘The density of nociceptors may be lower in the ear than in the thumb, or the effect may be influenced by patients' perception, particularly as the patient cannot see the ear being tested.’
    • ‘Anti-inflammatory drugs may play an important role in perioperative pain management by reducing the inflammatory response in the periphery and thereby decreasing sensitization of the peripheral nociceptors.’


Early 20th century from Latin nocere ‘to harm’ + receptor.