Meaning of nogal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɒxal/


informal South African
  • What is more; moreover.

    • ‘the picture would be ready in three minutes and for free nogal’
    • ‘Look at the ‘squatter’ camps which have sprung up in the country since 1994, and notice a few pertinent points: who are these so-called ‘squatters’ (in the land of their forebears and birth, nogal!)’
    • ‘Sometimes I actually felt sorry for our president, having to sit there in the sweltering heat listening to speaker after speaker telling him - at great length, nogal - what a thieving bunch of folk he has working for him and the country.’
    • ‘The most sneaky of all sneaks, and we found him, in Jo'burg nogal!’
    • ‘In addition, paintball markers make an unmistakeable racket and any ‘gang of paintball-gun-wielding vandals’ would immediately draw attention to themselves if they opened fire on someone's suburban property - twice in 24 hours, nogal.’
    • ‘But I'm sure, for the sake of good traffic flow, that a large bus, with trailer nogal, should rather do business in a quieter part of the city.’
    • ‘A week is a short time in rugby especially when you're about to come up against what must currently be the top two nations… and on on their home turf nogal.’


Afrikaans, literally ‘fairly, rather’.