Meaning of noisily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɔɪzɪli/

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  • 1In a manner that makes a lot of noise.

    ‘helicopters hovered noisily overhead’
    • ‘Elizabeth exhaled noisily in exasperation’
    • ‘The cab clattered noisily over the cobbled street.’
    • ‘She chewed noisily on the caramel-flavored candy as it was stuck to her teeth and the roof of her mouth.’
    • ‘Billy was noisily sucking on a bottle of milk.’
    • ‘The classes noisily made their way to the cafeteria.’
    • ‘Roger cleared his throat noisily, vying for attention.’
    • ‘Before the soldiers could grasp what was happening, bombs were exploding and trees were crashing noisily.’
    • ‘She walked in and closed the door noisily behind her.’
    • ‘People seem to have brightened up and are chatting noisily as they work.’
    • ‘Teenagers are noisily making their way to and from class.’
    • ‘They tend to party noisily.’
    • ‘The birds were chirping noisily.’
    • ‘The air rushes past her ears noisily as she continues her journey.’
    1. 1.1In a manner that stridently seeks to attract attention to one's views.
      ‘he has noisily criticized pension reform plans’
      • ‘He broke up noisily with the company last year, in a flurry of lawsuits that included claims of IP theft.’
      • ‘The government continues to complain noisily about the politically sensitive strikes.’
      • ‘I'll certainly be complaining noisily if my next bill says otherwise.’
      • ‘Party leaders have noisily criticized his proposed privatizations.’
      • ‘Several Laborites noisily denounced the government's war policy.’
      • ‘He had been forced out of the club in perhaps the most noisily protested trade ever conducted.’
      • ‘The victory was celebrated noisily in San Francisco, and hailed in the national media.’
      • ‘Talk radio has long since noisily advanced ideas that go unexpressed in the corridors of The New Yorker.’
      • ‘This was a time when the government was mired in scandal, old class-certainties were crumbling and subversive youth was making its presence noisily felt.’
      • ‘There was a small, diffuse left wing, noisily loyal to the 1814 Charter, whose members were variously labelled 'independents' and 'doctrinaires', until they settled on the term 'liberal'.’
      • ‘These measures were equally noisily, if less clearly, objected to.’
      • ‘I can also protest (noisily) which I do on my blog.’
      • ‘Noisily they resisted racism and quietly they go about the business of reconstruction and reconciliation.’