Main meanings of Nok in English

: Nok1NOK2


Pronunciation /nɒk/


usually as modifier
  • An ancient civilization of northern Nigeria, dated to the 5th–3rd centuries BC. It is characterized by the production of distinctive terracotta figurines and is significant for its development of iron-working.

    ‘The earliest known culture in Nigeria was the Nok culture, which existed from about the 6th century BC to the third century AD.’
    • ‘Upon entering the dark galleries, one is welcomed by some remarkable exemplars of Nok terracottas and Ife heads on loan from the Nigerian National Museum, Lagos, and the Ife Museum.’
    • ‘Though ancient itself, the Nok tradition was discovered fairly recently, in the 1930s. Up until then, said Coleman, ‘this very rich culture was simply invisible.’’
    • ‘The earliest sub-Saharan African work in the collection is a striking Nok terracotta female head and torso, nearly two feet tall.’
    • ‘If I were to inherit a Nok terracotta, though, I'd probably keep it.’
    • ‘Though museums that have acquired Nok material recently might not have done anything technically illegal, their moral rectitude remains open to question.’


From the name of the site where remains of this culture were found.

Main meanings of NOK in English

: Nok1NOK2



  • Norwegian krone (or kroner).