Meaning of nom de plume in English:

nom de plume

Pronunciation /ˌnɒm də ˈpluːm/

nounnoms de plume

  • An assumed name used by a writer instead of their real name; a pen-name.

    ‘she is better known under her nom de plume of Daniel Stern’
    • ‘And if anonymity is so unimportant, why are we using noms de plume on this board?’
    • ‘If you don't want to use your real name, use a nom de plume and briefly explain, for publication, why you don't want to use your real name.’
    • ‘For some bloggers, a nom de plume might be used when the blogger's real name is phonetically unwieldy or so common as to be undistinguishable.’
    • ‘It is her maiden name that he eventually adopted as his nom de plume.’
    • ‘‘Jonathan Wilson’ is the nom de plume of an academic who dares not use his own name for fear of victimisation by his colleagues.’
    • ‘If you'd like to participate but can't use your real name please email me and we'll sort out a nom de plume.’
    • ‘Nick de Plume is a nom de plume for 19-year old Harvard Student Nick Ciarelli, who's run the site for six years, and notched up an impressive record of scoops.’
    pen name, assumed name, incognito, alias, false name, professional name, sobriquet, stage name, nickname


Early 19th century formed in English from French words, to render the sense ‘pen name’, on the pattern of nom de guerre.