Main meanings of nome in English

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Pronunciation /nəʊm/


  • 1Each of the thirty-six territorial divisions of ancient Egypt.

    ‘It is the city prefect, vizier, and overseer of the six great lawcourts, Iniotefoker, who commands the stewards of the palace administration who are in the Thinite nome.’
    • ‘Under the Old Kingdom there existed a system for recruiting a militia from the nomes and there were officials responsible for training and for logistics, which already displayed a high level of organization.’
  • 2An administrative division of modern Greece.


Early 18th century from Greek nomos ‘district, province’, from nemein ‘to distribute, manage’.

Main meanings of Nome in English

: nome1Nome2


Pronunciation /nəʊm/

proper noun

  • A city in western Alaska, on the south coast of the Seward Peninsula. Founded in 1896 as a gold-mining camp, it became a centre of the Alaskan gold rush at the turn of the century.