Meaning of nominalist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɒmɪn(ə)lɪst/



See nominalism

‘In this one respect at least, Adorno is like Goodman and Quine - he is a committed nominalist.’
  • ‘Those who think there is some actual universal existing outside the mind are called realists; those who deny extra-mental universals are called nominalists.’
  • ‘Like Ockham, he is a nominalist, although this term must be used with caution in later medieval philosophy because of the modern tendency to identify it simply with the denial of real universals.’
  • ‘There are a number of philosophical positions to adopt here, and many philosophers confident in humanity's ability to seek knowledge have counted themselves as empiricists and even nominalists.’
  • ‘On the whole, nominalists saw sin as a violation of divine legislation-the laws ordained by God.’