Meaning of non-allied in English:



  • Not part of an alliance; neutral.

    ‘he worked long and hard to be a non-allied moderator’
    • ‘This is a breakthrough in the policies of both nations, who are cooperating for the first time with the military forces of a non-allied nation.’
    • ‘Who knows how many other forgotten treasures are mouldering in the vaults of non-allied nations?’
    • ‘In some instances, there may be a reason to alert non-allied countries to a potential threat if it would deter them from procuring contaminated equipment.’
    • ‘Fares on transatlantic journeys involving several legs were between 18 per cent and 28 per cent cheaper using allied rather than non-allied airlines.’
    • ‘NATO members, as well as neutral and non-allied members of the EU, can participate fully and on an equal footing.’
    unaligned, non-aligned, unaffiliated, unallied, non-allied, non-participating, uninvolved, non-interventionist