Meaning of non-believer in English:


Pronunciation /nɒnbɪˈliːvə/

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  • A person who does not believe in a particular thing, especially one who has no religious faith.

    ‘Many people go through life either being a believer or a non-believer in a religious or spiritual ‘reality’.’
    • ‘These tactics resulted in massive declines in church memberships and dramatic increases in atheists and non-believers.’
    • ‘It is shared by religious believers and non-believers of very different social backgrounds and in very different countries.’
    • ‘In turn, regulation helps these dominant groups recruit non-believers and atheists.’
    • ‘It does not distinguish between believers and non-believers in granting that sacred right to life.’
    • ‘Ramos Horta, who is a non-believer himself nevertheless says religious faith does have a role to play in healing the wounds of the past.’
    • ‘I find it increasingly hard to tell the difference between believers and non-believers.’
    • ‘As far as livelihood is concerned, the Almighty gives it to both the believers and the non-believers.’
    • ‘It is not true that these events have the same impact on the believers as the non-believers.’
    • ‘So it is natural that both non-believers and believers will want to sift the historical evidence carefully.’
    • ‘Unlike many non-believers, I regard religion as a valuable cultural resource in a heterogeneous modern democracy.’
    • ‘I think it's probably true that a lot of non-believers are rude about religion.’
    • ‘It was to be neutral between the many brands of Christianity and between Christian and Jews, believers and non-believers.’
    • ‘After all, why believe if non-believers can also be saved?’
    • ‘All major world-religions have a religious task to spread the religion and convert non-believers.’
    • ‘Thus, it should make little difference to the non-believer, in my mind, whether God had anything to do with the formation of the canon or not.’
    • ‘I've even known non-believers who attended church functions simply because there was no other form of social interaction around at all.’
    • ‘Given the choice, there aren't many non-believers who're keen to lose their heads on principle, so this has been more the province of those with differing religious beliefs.’
    • ‘Nobody wants to be tortured, be he or she a Muslim or a Christian or a Buddhist or even a non-believer.’
    • ‘This ratio of believers to non-believers had not changed in 80 years.’
    sceptic, doubter, doubting Thomas, unbeliever, disbeliever, cynic, nihilist
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