Meaning of non-clinical in English:



  • 1Not clinical.

    ‘the word ‘depression’ is used in a non-clinical sense’
    • ‘We will also be launching a new uniform for all staff, clinical and non-clinical, which must be taken off before leaving the hospital.’
    • ‘Staff from all departments, clinical and non-clinical, at any of the sites can be nominated, not only by a patient or visitor but by their manager or a colleague.’
    • ‘Membership should provide methodological and ethical expertise in clinical research, non-clinical research, qualitative and other methods of social science research, including statistics.’
    • ‘We have defined property companies as having a primary interest in property investment but increasingly diversifying into both non-clinical and clinical operations.’
    • ‘It is common for both clinical and non-clinical staff to have access to patient information.’
    • ‘Logically, then, nearly every non-clinical and clinical diet program uses food journals, including Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.’
    • ‘Sharing data requires clinicians to trust one another, and non-clinical colleagues, far more than is common at the moment.’
    • ‘A researcher wants to ban the word clinician because it implies superiority over non-clinical specialties.’
    • ‘They range from merging wards and eliminating luxury expenditure to controlling study leave and overtime and reviewing non-clinical vacancies.’
    • ‘The six-month pilot scheme, due to begin in November, will provide support for the ward sister in delivery of better food, cleaner wards and more responsive non-clinical services for patients.’
    • ‘In all cases surgery was postponed for non-clinical reasons, which can include staff shortages through illness, lack of equipment or beds, or bureaucratic blunders.’
    • ‘The aim was to create a peaceful surrounding to discuss and reflect on issues such as loss of a loved one or take time out after an unpleasant or stressful incident in a non-clinical surrounding.’
    • ‘Our volunteers are trained and can answer all questions of a non-clinical nature.’
    • ‘In addition to severity of cardiac disease and comorbidity, decisions on priority may take account of non-clinical factors such as employment status and dependants.’
    • ‘The first level consisted of five broad areas: diagnosis, treatment, management, epidemiology, and non-clinical questions.’
    • ‘A year later came the time for decision making about our future specialisations and I chose a non-clinical field for various reasons.’
    • ‘This led to a prolonged discussion, and of course took us back to the possibility of finding general non-clinical criteria of suitability for treatment.’
    • ‘Investigators found significant deviations from acceptable procedures for conducting non-clinical laboratory studies.’
    • ‘It is the non-clinical stuff that is extra and should take second place to committing enough resources to provide proper immediate primary care.’
    • ‘But thereafter non-clinical influences became increasingly prominent.’
    1. 1.1Not accompanied by directly observable symptoms.
      • ‘perhaps non-clinical legionellosis follows exposure to small numbers of bacteria alone’