Meaning of non-complex in English:



  • Easy to analyse or understand; simple.

    ‘a single, non-complex idea’
    • ‘The government has to put in place a programme whereby all non-complex, non-strategic IT development projects are outsourced to local enterprises.’
    • ‘As the Agency increasingly dealt with a greater proportion of non-complex cases, having a longer lifespan, this target could not be met.’
    • ‘Copper is often a very cost-effective, non-complex way of taking care of the situation.’
    • ‘Can you explain binary addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a non-complex manner?’
    • ‘The answer is so non-complex I'm shocked that you missed it.’
    • ‘It seems feasible that simple robots designed to perform menial household tasks and non-complex low-paid jobs are likely to become common in our lifetimes.’
    • ‘So we don't have that many more genes than these tiny, somewhat nondescript, oftentimes considered non-complex, organisms.’
    • ‘This was a deeply troubled young man presenting with a very complex set of circumstances in a very non-complex system that we run.’
    • ‘It belongs to the instinctive, present moment, the time of non-complex knowledge in which direct expression touches sentiments felt by all communicants.’
    • ‘She is fairly non-complex, and yet she is also strong, bright and clever.’
    non-compound, non-complex, uncompounded, uncombined, unmixed, unblended, unalloyed, pure, basic, single, elementary, fundamental