Meaning of non-compulsory in English:



  • Not required by law or a rule; voluntary.

    ‘a deal agreed by the unions guaranteeing non-compulsory redundancies’
    • ‘The truth is, students not in financial duress who reclaim their non-compulsory fees are essentially ripping the rest of us off.’
    • ‘The study said the government's decision to make languages non-compulsory for pupils over 14 was having an adverse effect.’
    • ‘In their first year of non-compulsory education, teenagers could begin to enjoy learning for its own sake.’
    • ‘The budget is divided into 'compulsory' and 'non-compulsory' items of expenditure.’
    • ‘What do you think about the planned changes to the compulsory retirement age, which will set a non-compulsory minimum age of 65?’
    • ‘You could still elect to contribute less - completing a form declaring you understand what you were doing and electing to reduce your non-compulsory contributions as much as you wanted.’
    • ‘In the 1990s, public education was free, non-compulsory, heavily grounded in religion, and conducted separately for males and females.’
    • ‘We cannot say that those people were volunteers, acting of their own free will, in a non-coerced or non-compulsory manner.’
    • ‘Despite its non-compulsory nature, a few members suggested modifying some sentences to make them more lenient; others opposed the initiative because doctors should respond to their own conscience rather than codes.’
    • ‘The non-compulsory injection is most likely to be delivered in schools to those in Year 8 from next September.’