Meaning of non-contentious in English:


Pronunciation /nɒnkənˈtɛnʃəs/


  • 1Not causing or likely to cause an argument.

    ‘When I fancy a couple of solitary late-night pints in non-contentious company, I tend towards the Royal Borough of Islington.’
    • ‘I've been known to use a Palm for notes myself, in non-contentious, low pressure situations.’
    • ‘A seemingly non-contentious planning application left Ryedale District Councillors deadlocked and divided last night.’
    • ‘Even this column must occasionally voice a non-contentious opinion.’
    • ‘Maiko told Times Entertainment that although some people had approached him over the titling of his fourth album, he would not be making any changes but would rather people listen to the lyrics which he describes as non-contentious.’
    • ‘It has to be said that the overwhelming feature of the 2005 long-list is just how orthodox, inoffensive, and non-contentious it looks.’
    • ‘The truth is, that every situation is different and needs to be assessed in conjunction with those involved in a non-contentious and collaborative way.’
    • ‘Articles are conspicuously cautious in their wording and the subject matter has shifted to non-contentious issues.’
    • ‘The minister will make the case for slowly building a new EU / US relationship in foreign policy concentrating on non-contentious issues on which they share common views.’
    • ‘Should a State consider instituting proceedings, attempts will be first made to establish common ground, to reach a non-contentious compromise.’
    • ‘All of that seems to me to be in the end non-contentious.’
    • ‘In this case, I am sure that the bill will prove to be non-contentious in terms of the level of support that it will attract from the parties across Parliament.’
    • ‘The selections themselves are, however, often more politically robust than such a seemingly non-contentious policy might suggest.’
    • ‘However, a serious publisher can distinguish between non-contentious notices and unreasonable notices.’
  • 2Law
    Not involving differences between contending parties.

    ‘Mark is a member of the firm's regional construction and engineering group having specialised in contentious and non-contentious construction law for over ten years.’
    • ‘Your Honours, the issues in this matter are clear-cut and they are non-contentious.’
    • ‘Generally, barristers can only be briefed by solicitors, although the Bar Council allows very limited direct access to barristers in non-contentious cases.’
    • ‘If it was non-contentious it would have been pushed through.’
    • ‘The council has made rules only in respect of the remuneration of lawyers for non-contentious business.’