Meaning of non-controversial in English:




  • Not giving rise to disagreement; not controversial (tending to be less forceful in meaning than uncontroversial).

    ‘You could trust him implicitly, and he was totally non-controversial on these trips.’
    • ‘But even that non-controversial success was not enough to eradicate the stigma of her past.’
    • ‘I rise to put forward a very non-controversial amendment that I am hoping all members of the House will support.’
    • ‘Researchers also divided editorials of a controversial nature and those considered non-controversial.’
    • ‘Being a non-controversial and committed student leader, he had ample opportunities to enter politics with ease.’
    • ‘On weekends, if I post at all, I like to post non-controversial things.’
    • ‘I have long argued that the only reason this policy was politically non-controversial was that not many people knew it existed.’
    • ‘The content is glossy, ad-saturated, and insistently non-controversial.’
    • ‘I think I've been given a remarkable opportunity to do a lot of good and to write books like this that are non-controversial really.’
    • ‘On occasions, appropriations staff will take the initiative to insert language they believe will be non-controversial.’
    • ‘Some of the things Cronkite has to say are pretty non-controversial.’
    • ‘I do not think that the legal profession is well served by only promoting those to the highest levels who are the least dynamic and most non-controversial.’
    • ‘Under the agreement, Democrats will allow votes on 25 non-controversial appointments to the district and appeals courts.’
    • ‘However, towards the end of the article, Steyn tries to give examples of some non-controversial international organisations that he is in favour of.’
    • ‘‘We hope that it's fairly non-controversial among those who believe Pluto is a planet,’ Mr Brown said.’
    • ‘Whether this non-controversial, compromising figure can lead the contradiction-riddled coalition towards any purpose is to be seen.’
    • ‘During the strike the editorial broadcasts were bland and non-controversial, but after 12 May they were to be continued in a far more politicized form.’
    • ‘In his latest article he provides a lucid explication of the potent political assumptions contained in the non-controversial examples commonly used in such texts.’
    • ‘Most of our advice is technical, relatively straightforward and non-controversial, and we work closely with conservation and archaeological officers in the council.’
    • ‘The Tories are likely to let some non-controversial legislation through relatively quickly, including the finance bill, but even that may be stripped of some controversial elements.’