Meaning of non-denial in English:



(also non-denial denial)
  • A statement that appears to deny that something is true but does not in fact constitute a rebuttal of the specific claim or accusation.

    ‘her non-denial only added fuel to the fire’
    • ‘he now says he ‘doesn't recall’ using that term, a classic non-denial denial’
    • ‘The interesting thing about this comment is that it's quite blatantly a non-denial denial.’
    • ‘His written response was a curious non-denial denial.’
    • ‘His non-denial reeks of an admission.’
    • ‘They responded to this news with a non-denial.’
    • ‘The White House's non-denial is absolutely amazing.’
    • ‘We interpret her classic non-denial as just short of a confirmation.’
    • ‘The non-denial denial suggests this is far from a final deal.’
    • ‘That non-denial only fanned the flames.’
    • ‘The nondenials have intensified calls for an independent special prosecutor to investigate.’
    • ‘I'm used to company non-denial denials that are meant to do PR damage control but don't answer the accusation at hand.’