Meaning of non-discriminatory in English:



  • Not making an unfair or prejudicial distinction between different categories of people or things.

    ‘enlistment is voluntary and non-discriminatory; any sex, any age’
    • ‘a non-discriminatory policy was introduced’
    • ‘Libraries have developed a strong tradition of non-discriminatory acquisition.’
    • ‘At this stage we would be looking to the employer for a credible non-discriminatory explanation or a reason for the difference in treatment.’
    • ‘We need to become the primary experts on our health, know our options, and insist on fair, non-discriminatory treatment.’
    • ‘The rule was non-discriminatory in that it applied to all patent agents regardless of residence.’
    • ‘A society would be non-discriminatory if race or gender never entered into the awarding of benefits.’
    • ‘The membership criteria must be non-discriminatory and justifiable.’
    • ‘The crux of the issue is this: Almost all employees are considered "at will" - this means they can be fired at any time for any legal reason (i.e., you cannot fire someone because of the race, religion, etc., but almost all non-discriminatory reasons are OK.)’
    • ‘Amongst other things, Australia is signatory to a convention which actually requires Australia to apply human rights equally in a non-discriminatory way.’
    • ‘The golf club was recommended to adopt non-discriminatory selection procedures and ordered to draw up an equal opportunities policy.’