Meaning of non-event in English:




  • 1An unexpectedly dull or insignificant event or occasion.

    ‘despite the pre-match publicity, the contest turned out to be a non-event’
    • ‘Yesterday's conference was a non-event in terms of political controversy.’
    • ‘It is not uncommon for much-publicised programmes to end up as non-events in the State.’
    • ‘For the past 13 months, these meetings have been non-events.’
    • ‘For the media, in general, these protests have been non-events.’
    • ‘The collapse of Rover is a political non-event.’
    • ‘Years ago Ireland would have been delighted to be at the stage where they might be going for a Triple Crown, whereas the fact that we are disappointed at the grand slam being a non-event now is a measure of how far the team has come.’
    • ‘Before I read your article I listened to parts of and read excerpts from the conversation and came to the conclusion that it was a non-event.’
    • ‘To me the most striking feature of this week's economic events, was to observe what a non-event the proceedings before the Myburgh Commission have become.’
    • ‘The election was a non-event for broad layers of the working class.’
    • ‘Females, too, are hoping to meet people, although Ashley said the parties are, for the most part, non-events.’
    • ‘Overall, it seems likely business can expect the Budget to be a non-event, with no headline grabbing increases and little solid to say about the growth of the economy.’
    • ‘About a year ago, the election seemed like it was going to be a non-event.’
    • ‘The reality is that Budget Day has become a non-event because we have a new budget every second day.’
    • ‘This rare heavenly event turned out to be something of a non-event, and our own planet is still intact.’
    • ‘Even grenade attacks on security forces became non-events.’
    • ‘These open narratives are luscious representations of mundane non-events.’
    • ‘Don't get me wrong, I want England to win whenever they play and the Euro 2004 competition would be a non-event for me if they didn't qualify, but given a choice between watching Rovers or England it's Rovers every time.’
    • ‘It's not going to be anything special, I want it to be a bit of a non-event.’
    • ‘Everyone wants this great big win, but if we get it, they say it's a non-event.’
    • ‘Yet since I didn't make any New Year's resolutions and personal debt is something that I've unfortunately been used to for quite a while, next Monday might turn out to be something of a non-event for me.’
    failure, let-down, non-event, anticlimax
    1. 1.1An event that did not happen.
      ‘they sent out false announcements of art events to the media, getting reporters to show up for non-events’
      • ‘Day one of Shane Warne's cricket comeback started as a media circus and ended as a non-event as rain stopped play.’
      • ‘After all, how can you revolutionize coverage of a non-event?’