Meaning of non-executive in English:




  • Not having an executive function.

    ‘a non-executive chairman’
    • ‘Sir Richard would remain as non-executive chairman.’
    • ‘Instead, Walsh says he will continue to act as a key strategist in the company in his new role as non-executive chairman.’
    • ‘Gordon Stuart, founder of software group Spektra, is non-executive chairman.’
    • ‘Ireland's boardrooms are filled with non-executive directors who are predominantly male.’
    • ‘It is thought that the company hopes to appoint a number of non-executive directors in the coming months.’


  • A person without executive responsibilities.

    ‘when they stepped down as executives they remained on the board as non-executives’
    • ‘He will be chairman and chief executive, and has promised to bring non-executives on board over the course of the first year as a public company.’
    • ‘The solution is surely to grant differential share option packages: long-term ones for the non-executives, shorter-term ones for executives.’
    • ‘But industry sources claimed there was conflict between chief executive Mr Budge and other directors and non-executives about investment plans.’
    • ‘It is still all too common for executives from one big company to become non-executives on the board of a string of others.’
    • ‘O'Higgins said that effective non-executives could make a huge contribution to both public and private boards.’