Meaning of non-fictional in English:



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‘Many have set the precedent and Goddard's novel makes a nod towards those who supported the Republican struggle in his title, which is a homage itself to George Orwell's non-fictional account of the war, Homage to Catalonia.’
  • ‘Other non-fictional work and novels quickly followed The Good Earth including A House Divided, Dragon Seed, Pavilion of Women, and The Time is Noon.’
  • ‘His memoir, Mount Allegro, which has remained in print most of the years since its first appearance in 1943, is the first of four non-fictional books written by Mangione that deal with Sicilian and Sicilian American culture.’
  • ‘Since this sketch is a non-fictional work, the appearance of the devil in a tangible corporeal form is perhaps not expected, but the technique employed in this piece is similar to that which Hawthorne uses throughout the body of his work.’
  • ‘This traumatic event clearly made a deep impression, as she returned to it several times in her fictional and non-fictional texts.’