Meaning of non-genetic in English:



  • Not relating to or acquired through heredity; not genetic.

    ‘environmental and other non-genetic factors also contribute to the disease process’
    • ‘Most of the well-financed breast cancer organizations make little or no mention of the non-genetic causes of breast cancer.’
    • ‘Tumor cells also can arise by non-genetic means through the actions of specific tumor viruses.’
    • ‘There are two ways in which carcinogens can act: genetic and non-genetic.’
    • ‘The factors initiating the destructive process are largely unknown, but genetic and non-genetic factors are involved.’
    • ‘That is not to say that there are not shared practices that are passed on through non-genetic means to subsequent generations.’
    • ‘Scientists now understand that vulnerability to mental illness has a genetic component, which acts in conjunction with various environmental and non-genetic factors.’
    • ‘That's a complex claim, and it fails because hormones aren't non-genetic.’
    • ‘Environmental and other non-genetic factors also contribute to the disease process, making it even harder to find the genetic factors.’
    • ‘Clearly, familial aggregation of disease might also be explained by non-genetic factors, owing to siblings sharing environmental as well as genetic influences.’
    • ‘Carcinogens can also cause cancer by non-genetic means.’
    • ‘This means she can pass on - by non-genetic means - her own oversensitised stress response to her baby.’
    • ‘Koohmaraie and Smith stress that tenderness is only about half due to genetics of the animal; the rest is the result of non-genetic, environmental factors such as stress or diet.’
    • ‘First, much adaptation appeared to be non-genetic and regulated by the environment, not by the inherited genotype.’
    • ‘Although its cause remains a mystery, evidence suggests that it is at least 80% heritable, stemming from complex interactions among several genes and non-genetic influences.’
    • ‘Once non-genetic factors such as age, illness, or smoking were removed, a subset of the group seemed to have a blood-oxygen concentration that was 10% higher than normal.’
    • ‘Identical twins are not 100 % concordant, indicating that there are nongenetic factors involved.’
    • ‘Susceptibility to MS is based on interactions among several genes and influences by, largely unknown, nongenetic factors.’
    • ‘Nongenetic diabetes usually occurs in people over the age of 40.’
    • ‘Your looks are affected not by a single "looks" gene but by lots of them - and by nongenetic factors as well, with fashion and free will figuring prominently among them.’