Meaning of non-involvement in English:



mass noun
  • The fact or practice of not being involved with or participating in something.

    ‘a tradition of non-involvement in political affairs’
    • ‘the non-involvement of the traffic department in the planning was cited as a pitfall’
    • ‘Proponents of the program believe that government non-involvement has advantages.’
    • ‘A century of almost unbroken British non-involvement in continental Europe, dating from the winding up of the Peninsular War in 1812, was abruptly reversed.’
    • ‘The campaign was condemned by many as a dangerous departure from the tradition of police non-involvement in politics.’
    • ‘The hands-off attitude and non-involvement by so many parents need to be changed.’
    • ‘The orthodox libertarian foreign policy platform is one of minimalism and non-involvement bordering at times on isolationism.’
    • ‘Did non-involvement signify successful resistance or were villages simply waiting for a more propitious time to become engaged?’
    • ‘Women for Peace has continually asked the University to review its participation in the federal government's civil defense program, in view of its policy of non-involvement in political matters.’
    • ‘I suppose that's where my non-involvement in 'celebrity' and 'media' started.’
    • ‘President Truman called for the USA to step into the breach and reverse its traditional policy of non-involvement in European affairs.’
    • ‘Teachers criticize the non-involvement of low status parents and resent the involvement of high status parents.’
    • ‘Companies with a strong drink culture could be vulnerable to claims from employees who feel they have been passed over for promotion because of their non-involvement in social activities.’
    • ‘The educational community has often misinterpreted the "silence" or noninvolvement of the Latino families.’
    • ‘Inexorably, the conventional wisdom would go from determined noninvolvement to a resigned acceptance of some kind of U.S. role.’
    • ‘There were only a few exceptions to this general pattern of noninvolvement.’
    • ‘Remember, to a child, parental noninvolvement feels like rejection; it is a fundamental wound to the self.’
    • ‘By 1921, the United States had withdrawn its military forces from Russia and entered a long period of official noninvolvement.’
    • ‘The people of this village did not favor the revival and had already made clear their policy of noninvolvement.’
    • ‘The journalist's credo is one of passionate noninvolvement.’
    laissez-faire, neutrality, non-alignment, non-participation, non-interference, non-interventionism, non-involvement, a hands-off approach, inaction, passivity, dormancy