Meaning of non-mechanized in English:


Pronunciation /nɒnˈmɛk(ə)nʌɪzd/


(also British non-mechanised)
  • Not using or involving machines or automatic devices.

    ‘non-mechanized agricultural operations’
    • ‘And as the photos demonstrate, they now provide non-mechanized transportation routes to school and shopping in some areas of the city.’
    • ‘Tanks versus a primarily non-mechanised army could only lead to one result.’
    • ‘The spiny lobster and sand lobster totalling about 2,600 tonnes are caught annually from the inshore waters by mechanised and non-mechanised units.’
    • ‘We believe that the early results from phase-2 samples may be very encouraging, with high grades and the possible presence of larger gem quality diamonds than have previously been recovered from the earlier non-mechanized sampling.’
    • ‘Unloading cargo at non-mechanised berths is costlier and time-consuming.’