Meaning of non-medical in English:



  • 1Not having a medical basis or objective.

    ‘the non-medical use of drugs’
    • ‘The possibility of a kidney transplantation should not be excluded on non-medical grounds.’
    • ‘There are many useful non-medical treatments for anxiety difficulties.’
    • ‘Broadly defined, rehabilitation includes a wide array of non-medical interventions for those with schizophrenia.’
    • ‘People over 55 represent only about 14 percent of the membership at non-medical gyms.’
    • ‘Most pediatricians offer non-medical treatment alternatives for ADHD.’
    • ‘It is fair to say that around half of non-medical childlessness cannot properly be called chosen.’
    • ‘Substance abuse is the misuse of drugs and other products for non-medical reasons.’
    • ‘An estimated four million people aged 12 or over used sedatives, stimulants, tranquilizers or opioids for non-medical reasons in 1999.’
    • ‘Most people who take prescriptions medications take them responsibly, but the non-medical use of these drugs can be dangerous.’
    • ‘Several of your guests have mentioned that there are non-medical methods to deal with depression.’
    beautifying, improving, non-medical
    1. 1.1Not having or requiring professional medical experience.
      ‘non-medical witnesses’
      • ‘non-medical language’
      • ‘You must realize that this appears to be an intentional attempt to confuse the issue for the non-medical reader.’
      • ‘A significant 46% of the medical and non-medical audience were non-committal about their choice.’
      • ‘It is unclear whether a non-medical health professional can rely on that provision.’
      • ‘On the other hand, non-medical commentators have been highly sceptical of claims that there is some sort of malpractice crisis.’
      • ‘As many non-medical members of the public are aware, nitroglycerin is normally administered by placing a tablet under the tongue of the patient.’
      • ‘It helps those of us in non-medical areas stay in touch with the reality of what it takes to deal with a self-destructive society.’
      • ‘The latter may well lead the sufferer to move from one doctor to another and to non-medical practitioners in the hope of pain relief.’
      • ‘To avoid the reading of private prescriptions by unauthorized staff, prescription medications should be stored separately from over-the-counter medications, if non-medical staff have access to the latter.’
      • ‘A full report or a report in non-medical language will also be sent to the relative if requested.’
      • ‘The animal care committee has non-medical citizen members, an ethicist, and veterinarians as well as researchers.’