Meaning of non-military in English:


Pronunciation /nɒnˈmɪlɪt(ə)ri/


  • Not belonging to, characteristic of, or involving the armed forces; civilian.

    ‘the widespread destruction of non-military targets’
    • ‘What should specifically targeting non-military targets to maximize civilian casualties be called?’
    • ‘The 13-strong caving group included non-military personnel John Taylor of North Derbyshire and Kevin Welch from North Yorkshire.’
    • ‘The nine-month expedition, whose patron is the Prince of Wales, is one of the most adventurous non-military trips by Service personnel.’
    • ‘It is critically important to also note, however, that even non-military actions can cause immense civilian suffering and that such options too must be rejected.’
    • ‘Perhaps she is thinking of the US Army's Law of Land Warfare which, according to Klein, prohibits the sale of non-military property.’
    • ‘A non-military lorry seen moving towards the armoured column in a greener part of the city was halted in its tracks by overwhelming gunfire.’
    • ‘So they used all their inventiveness, design, energy and manufacturing power to create non-military products.’
    • ‘But it was Napoleon's big idea to provide uniforms for citizens working in non-military fields.’
    • ‘Yet our Government seems to be dragging its feet in demanding their right to a fair and non-military trial.’
    • ‘The objectors want the Treasury to set up a special fund for their money to be spent on non-military purposes.’
    • ‘It discusses how modern equipment is frequently made with parts from the non-military sector.’
    • ‘Companies manufacturing civil transport aircraft make up the largest part of the civil, non-military, portion of the industry.’
    • ‘In these areas they exercised civil control, did not allow entry to non-military persons without permission, and in various ways antagonized the inhabitants.’
    • ‘It is very important in the course of an operation to minimize destruction of non-military installations and to prevent casualties among civilians.’
    • ‘This curious fact meant the photos would appear genuine to non-military people, such as journalists, but could easily be discredited later by military experts.’
    • ‘Japan can only make its contributions non-military areas.’
    • ‘For almost all non-military implementations, the provision of security is a costly overhead that needs justification from the business perspective.’
    • ‘Their main distinguishing feature is that, although they are non-military courts, one of their judges is always a members of the Military Legal Service.’
    • ‘In the wake of the reform era, the Army was put under pressure to pull out of its non-military practices, including business and politics, he said.’
    • ‘At the end of the war, the Truman administration required payment for non-military supplies to the USSR, especially a large number of ships.’
    non-military, non-combatant, civil