Meaning of non-negotiable in English:




  • 1Not open to discussion or modification.

    ‘the essential features of the constitution are non-negotiable’
    • ‘Really, those are also almost non-negotiable.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We have got to decide what parts of the health service we think are non-negotiable.’’
    • ‘The union has rejected the report out of hand and claimed it had been told that the 11 per cent was non-negotiable and would be linked to 4,500 job losses and the closure of scores of fire stations.’
    • ‘Tonight I want to cast the net widely to look at some of the threats and challenges facing the media in the 21st century, and I want to do it from a starting point of what I believe is fundamental and non-negotiable.’
    • ‘Indeed, arguably there are non-negotiable demands of human reason that apply universally in international attempts to understand and evaluate any particular political tradition or cultural way of life.’
    • ‘That was something that was totally non-negotiable as far as I was concerned.’
    • ‘Asked if Labor's stance was non-negotiable, Latham said that ‘we won't be changing our position‘.’
    • ‘Certain fundamental principles are not only non-negotiable, but should also be a source of pride for the UK, including defending the right to asylum and safeguarding the Human Rights Act and 1951 convention on refugees.’
    • ‘‘European values are non-negotiable,’ said Mr Verheuygen.’
    • ‘And to remain competitive those things which they believe are non-negotiable (tax, exchange and interest rates) would by default be significantly constrained if not actually imposed by what is decided in Brussels.’
    • ‘‘For some students this is a non-negotiable issue, and from my point of view it's unsustainable,’ Stevenson replied.’
    • ‘He specified ‘the rule of law’ as a non-negotiable.’
    • ‘Our fundamental security should be non-negotiable.’
    • ‘It is non-negotiable, says Prime Minister Helen Clark.’
    • ‘At first, Mr Desmond was reluctant to sell any shares back to Telenor and Communicorp but he then came up with the non-negotiable price, said Mr Digerud.’
    • ‘By saying that these demands are non-negotiable he has ensured that domestic political considerations will prevent any kind of negotiation.’
    • ‘To Lucien, loyalty to France is non-negotiable.’
    • ‘Freedom is the non-negotiable demand of human dignity; the birthright of every person - in every civilization.’
    • ‘The expectations of Amish women are non-negotiable.’
    • ‘Time is fast running out and the deadline is non-negotiable.’
    1. 1.1(of a document) not able to be transferred or assigned to the legal ownership of another person.
      • ‘The parties were to be presented with a non-negotiable document.’
      inviolable, absolute, sacrosanct, unchallengeable, unassailable