Meaning of non-participant in English:



  • A person who does not take part in something.

    ‘I'm happy to be a non-participant in the conversations’
    • ‘non-participant observations of classroom teaching’
    • ‘Specialized items are great gifts, but making the right choice can be difficult for the non-participant.’
    • ‘In the afternoon, the research panel and our research team (the authors) joined the group as non-participant observers.’
    • ‘A fourth limitation is that of non-participant bias.’
    • ‘We collected data through non-participant observation and semistructured formal and informal interviews, supplemented where appropriate by documentary review of guidelines or practice protocols.’
    • ‘Maybe you can't stand the way one group member always talks over other people, or you're sick of one of your group members being a non-participant.’
    • ‘If it was upsetting to war veterans, last Sunday's barely-there official commemoration of VE day presumably satisfied one leading non-participant.’
    • ‘Celtic may be a non-participant in the World Cup, but their prospects could be distinctly altered by events on the other side of the globe.’
    • ‘At the conclusion of one of these eight or ten hour parties, the outside observer and non-participant might have the impression that the scene resembles an apocalyptic movie.’
    • ‘A party or witness or even a non-participant in the proceedings may refuse to disclose information, papers or answer questions even though such material may have a high degree of relevance and reliability.’
    • ‘Examples of non-participant research include the following: sitting by a conveyer belt on a factory floor observing the activities of the workers; studying the behavior of the audience at a rock concert; watching the interrogation of a suspect through a one-way mirror in a police station.’