Meaning of non-payer in English:



  • A person who avoids paying money that they owe.

    ‘non-payers will be pursued through the county court’
    • ‘Ticket barriers at stations slow down passenger flow, but the determined non-payer can still vault over them, or sneak through behind a legitimate ticketholder.’
    • ‘The mere threat of legal action or exposure as a non-payer can fast-track overdue payment.’
    • ‘If someone is a persistent non-payer, we would stop their credit.’
    • ‘Court staff will be given financial incentives to pressure hardcore non-payers to produce the money.’
    • ‘More than 10,000 letters have been sent to non-payers across Greater Manchester.’
    • ‘Persistent offenders or non-payers can go to court, where they can be fined up to £1,000.’
    • ‘The Scottish Executive last night claimed that they were already making progress in having fewer non-payers locked up.’
    • ‘Many of the non-payers had probably hoped that technical glitches would help them evade the fee.’
    • ‘Scarborough Council recently appointed its own team of bailiffs to chase non-payers amid growing concern about a hard core of residents who are flouting the law.’
    • ‘The company is massively in debt and is threatening debt collection and interest charges on non-payers.’
    • ‘Courtrooms were invaded and people organised to block the bailiffs who were sent to follow up non-payers and seize their assets.’
    • ‘During the anti-water charges campaign, the councils attempted to disconnect non-payers water.’
    • ‘Do you display signs telling people that you prosecute non-payers?’
    • ‘A tough new regime across West Yorkshire will clamp down this month on non-payers of court penalties and on-the-spot fines, including speeding tickets.’
    • ‘The commission will have the power to deduct money from non-payers ' bank accounts, as well as take away passports and impose curfews.’
    • ‘The most controversial change will allow persistent non-payers to have their cars clamped and bailiffs will be sent in to seize their goods.’
    • ‘The council informed nonpayers that, if they had not paid within 14 days or contacted the council to make an arrangement, their rubbish would no longer be collected.’
    • ‘It really is remarkable that the richest country in the world topped the congestion charge nonpayers league over the last six months.’
    • ‘Operation Payback is a concerted drive to recover millions of pounds in unpaid fines owed by nonpayers in England and Wales.’
    • ‘Because of these nonpayers the city will not be able to heat itself this winter.’
    non-payer, debt dodger