Meaning of non-paying in English:



  • 1(of a person) not paying for a service.

    ‘non-paying guests’
    • ‘eviction of non-paying tenants’
    • ‘Gardai were called by the staff of a Sligo hotel staff last week to remove up to 20 non-paying guests.’
    • ‘Overall, five times more paying passengers booked seats than did non-paying passengers in 1938-39.’
    • ‘The fence was lined with barbed wire, probably to keep out non-paying intruders like the two of them.’
    • ‘By charging more for paying patients, hospitals hope to cover their losses from non-paying ones.’
    • ‘AT&T Broadband also launched an anti-piracy campaign in Denver to identify non-paying users of its cable TV service.’
    • ‘Some dating sites have already left the market as networking operations such as Facebook and MySpace have rapidly expanded their non-paying audiences.’
    • ‘In exchange, the property manager fixed the electronic gates, provided secure, lock-up parking and got tough with non-paying residents.’
    • ‘The house was full and we non-paying students had to stand in the small foyer.’
    • ‘If your paying customers are receiving broken products, and the non-paying thieves are receiving functional products, then you have failed as a business.’
    • ‘About 20 attorneys from 11 law firms refused to represent non-paying accused from November last year after the Legal Aid Board announced a decrease in fees.’
  • 2(of work) to be undertaken without payment.

    ‘a non-paying internship’
    • ‘We aren't in a position to give you a job, even a non-paying one.’
    • ‘The only hesitation is that I need paying gigs instead of non-paying internships.’
    • ‘This will give you sufficient revenue to pay for all the non-paying time you spend marketing your business.’
    • ‘This is a non-paying internship that will last a minimum of two months with a one month probationary period.’
    • ‘Given that the WICB secretariat is based in Antigua, Gordon said the non-paying presidential post would mean him having to go there at least once a month.’
    • ‘A town councillor's is a virtually non-paying post and therefore she or he must use time that is "spare".’
    • ‘Consider volunteer (non-paying) co-ops and internships, with both for-profit and not-for-profit businesses and organizations.’
    • ‘Within the company, promotion to a "good" beat can be used to reward a reporter, just as assignment to a non-paying one can be a form of punishment.’
    • ‘The Communications and Media Unit provides opportunities for graduate and postgraduate students to gain experience from non-paying internships at the UNFCCC secretariat in Bonn, Germany.’
    • ‘Granted, there's the whole classist thing I don't like, where you have to be independently wealthy to be able to afford a non-paying job.’