Meaning of non-penetrative in English:


Pronunciation /nɒnˈpɛnɪtrətɪv/


  • (of sexual activity) in which penetration by the penis does not take place.

    ‘Sexual intercourse, non-penetrative genital contact, and oral sex can all transmit an infection.’
    • ‘But how typical, I thought, of a heterosexual male to make fun of any non-penetrative sexual activity.’
    • ‘Class and age as well as gender seem to be significant in affecting homosexual activity and non-penetrative heterosexual activity.’
    • ‘But the gay community, after all, pioneered the ethos of non-penetrative safe sex that the rest of society is now sworn to live by.’
    • ‘Some projects look to revive positive cultural practices such as non-penetrative forms of sexual release promoted amongst youth in the past.’