Meaning of non-performance in English:



mass noun
  • 1Failure or refusal to perform or fulfil a condition, promise, etc.

    ‘the non-performance of his contractual obligations’
    • ‘He compared that to the private sector where people are accountable and can be fired immediately for non-performance.’
    • ‘Parents are upset and angry at the child's non-performance.’
    • ‘Of the 2800 NGOs we have, 72 have been blacklisted for non-performance.’
    • ‘Adding to the incompetence is ministerial reshuffling - a move that seeks to resolve non-performance and curtail corruption.’
    • ‘But non-performance with taxpayer money is different.’
    • ‘If the Government does not provide fiscal incentives to the performing states, it would mean that the government is encouraging non-performance which was a dangerous trend.’
    • ‘Auckland City Council has decided that it doesn't want any more bus strikes - and so will be instructing ARTA to include a penalty clause for non-performance in future contracts for bus services.’
    • ‘Purvanov publicly criticised the Government's non-performance, and admonished the police and the judiciary for their inability to produce significant results in the war on crime and corruption.’
    • ‘This level of non-performance is a real worry.’
    • ‘We have, over the years, had a large number of complaints about his non-performance.’
    • ‘The City of Johannesburg has suspended the chief executive of the newly established Revenue Shared Services Centre, who stands accused of non-performance and other irregularities’
    • ‘I am saying that by this procedure and your failing to ensure that the Minister gives an answer to Parliament and this country, he avoids what would be a potential regulatory mechanism against his non-performance.’
    • ‘Council employees should also be accountable for non-performance which certainly does not appear to be the present situation.’
    • ‘The non-performance of primary listed stocks can hardly be looked at from this perspective but similar factors can contribute indirectly to the apparent lack of confidence.’
    • ‘After the 14-day period was up, the municipality terminated the contract, citing non-performance by the joint venture as the reason.’
    • ‘Vashee discloses that the union is currently working out ways in which the agency could be made more accountable for its alleged non-performance.’
    • ‘The report said problems in the project related to cash flow hitches, lack of co-operation by the contractor and non-performance.’
    • ‘Teacher absenteeism and non-performance could also be attributed to the largely ignored psychological effects of the pandemic.’
    • ‘The contract allows for recovery of funds, if required, for non-performance.’
    • ‘To pay such a heavy price for non-performance must have sent alarming signals to cricketers in Pakistan.’
  • 2The state or fact of not being performed.

    • ‘the non-performance of the opera’