Meaning of non-political in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnɒnpəˈlɪtɪkl/


  • Not relating to or motivated by politics.

    ‘non-political speeches’
    • ‘Others have become disgusted with politics and returned to non-political pursuits.’
    • ‘Citizens' rights against public authorities are upheld by various other non-political and non-legal mechanisms.’
    • ‘As the first official guest ever to address the parliament, the Prime Minister is conventionally supposed to deliver a non-political speech.’
    • ‘The foreign policy bureaucracy, not elected of course, plays a subordinate, non-political, essentially instrumental role.’
    • ‘Licensing chairman Paul Andrews said his committee was non-political and therefore other councillors were not told.’
    • ‘It's totally non-political in the sense that he ends up non-engaged with society, but that, of course, is the point.’
    • ‘This was an innovation, in that it was explicitly non-political.’
    • ‘Their figures are as bogus as their claims to be non-political.’
    • ‘Although it has sometimes been criticised as being non-political, nothing could be further from the truth.’
    • ‘Acceptance of this gave the hierarchy some influence in ensuring this support was as non-political as possible.’
    • ‘The defence and security services are strictly non-political in such matters, we were told.’
    • ‘One of the things that have been good about Radio New Zealand is that it has generally been a non-political organisation.’
    • ‘Local bodies will be allowed to borrow and toll, and a new non-political body will manage Auckland's land transport needs.’
    • ‘There is no such thing as a non-political or value-free history.’
    • ‘That school is a pretty straightforward, middle-of-the-road, non-political school.’
    • ‘Beware the political creature that says he is non-political, apolitical, or anti-political.’
    • ‘They rely on the non-political surveys of the social and cultural attitudes of the military.’
    • ‘According to the Economist, this clampdown has been extended to non-political activity.’
    • ‘I made what I think was a wrong assumption that this bill would be totally non-political.’
    • ‘My initial impression is that there are mixed views within the village, with people gossiping about political and non-political issues.’