Meaning of non-practising in English:



(US non-practicing)
  • 1Brought up as a member of a particular religion but not following its rules and practices.

    ‘a non-practising Catholic’
    • ‘The 48-year-old Smith, who considers himself a nonpracticing Catholic, has been on a remarkable journey himself.’
    • ‘At least a third of these, however, are nonpracticing Catholics.’
    • ‘These issues included Maurice and her having different religious beliefs - he was a nonpracticing Muslim; she was a devout Christian.’
    • ‘Today, many Creoles are nonpracticing Catholics with some agnostics, some atheists, and a very few professing a non-Catholic faith.’
    • ‘Like Schoenberg, both composers were generally nonpracticing members of their religions (Bernstein a Jew and Stravinsky Russian Orthodox), and developed instead their own brands of spirituality.’
    • ‘The first-born son of strict Republican parents, one a nonpracticing Jew and the other an atheist who was raised Presbyterian, Tim gets top grades in the hardest classes.’
    • ‘Something made her hold on to Christianity (her parents were nonpracticing Lutherans), something made her examine theology, try it on and imagine ways to use it.’
    • ‘Chabad rabbis, whose mission is to re-engage nonpracticing or less observant Jews, are dispersed around the world to Chabad houses that hold worship services and other events.’
    • ‘Let me explain by first saying I am not a Mormon, nor am I particularly spiritual, having been born into a family of Sunday-football-watching, nonpracticing Lutherans.’
    • ‘He points out Eliot's loose connection with Christianity and admits that "hers was a noncomformist, nonpracticing form of Christian belief."’
    • ‘And the vast majority of people in this country are probably non-practising Christians anyway.’
    • ‘- His first wife was Syrian, a non-practising Muslim.’
    • ‘If you don't go to Mass every weekend are you non-practising?’
    • ‘From his parents, who were non-practising Jews, he imbibed a love of literature, culture and music.’
    • ‘The poll found that in families where the father was a regular churchgoer and the mother was non-practising, 44 per cent of the children eventually became regular churchgoers.’
    • ‘In October, our parish will launch a new program designed to reach out to non-practicing, English-speaking Catholics in our area.’
    • ‘The religion of most Brazilians is Roman Catholic but a majority of the population are non-practicing Catholics.’
    • ‘Karl Marx, the originator of Communism and a non-practicing Jew himself, had even written a paper on the subject.’
    • ‘He had been a non-practicing Christian for many years and, like me, was content just to believe in one God.’
    • ‘I am currently a non-practicing Catholic.’
    non-practising, lacking faith, backsliding, recidivist, apostate
  • 2Not currently practising one's profession.

    ‘a non-practising lawyer’
    • ‘Consequently, harm-reduction approaches are utilized only for the nonpracticing physician.’
    • ‘He is a nonpracticing doctor of veterinary medicine who has spent most of his adult life climbing all over the world's highest mountains.’
    • ‘I don't know this from personal knowledge, but I'm a nonpracticing lawyer, I used to teach law.’
    • ‘Eight justices agreed that a nonpracticing lawyer who is also a physician cannot qualify as a legal representative of his 10-year-old daughter, on whose behalf he filed suit.’
    • ‘There is also a dormant pool of 15,000 qualified nurses in the country who are non-practising, according to a major research report published last month.’
    • ‘It was commissioned by a Dominican priest from Newbridge College, who was a non-practising clergyman.’
    • ‘A range of solutions existed to retain staff and to attract non-practising nurses back into the system, Mr Hughes said.’
    • ‘I, a non-practising architect, was chairman.’
    • ‘The Law Almanac used to actually contain a list of non-practising barristers, as I recollect.’
    • ‘After things began to get a little warm, he "retired," passing himself off first as a non-practicing doctor and then a lawyer.’