Meaning of non-recognition in English:



mass noun
  • Refusal to acknowledge the existence, validity, or legality of something.

    ‘trade barriers such as non-recognition of professional qualifications’
    • ‘non-recognition of same-sex marriages’
    • ‘Several patients had an action plan that they did not use owing to non-recognition of asthma symptoms.’
    • ‘Nerve damage means non-recognition by the patient that a disease process or injury is occurring.’
    • ‘I can't decide, however, whether to be hurt or annoyed by the blanking and non-recognition.’
    • ‘He was felicitated for his contribution to society, after several years of non-recognition.’
    • ‘The attempt of the government seems to be to bury its head in the sand and kill the problem through non-recognition.’
    • ‘We are afraid of our loved ones becoming amnesiac - of seeing blank non-recognition in the faces of those who have been crucial in defining our identities.’
    • ‘This non-recognition of immediate threats extends to civilians, who won't necessarily run out of the way of firefights or cars, getting run over or shot in the process.’
    • ‘Language barriers, lack of financial access to education, transportation and childcare issues are also concerns, but the greater problem is the non-recognition of qualifications.’
    • ‘The previous non-recognition of Indigenous issues and rights had left Indigenous Australians in a marginalised and dependent relationship.’
    • ‘The recognition or non-recognition of a certain truth depends not on external causes, but on certain other causes within the man himself.’
    • ‘Blatant nonrecognition of shipping achievements in international business can only aggravate situations like this.’
    • ‘We are pleased that he seems to be alone among reviewers in his nonrecognition of the book's argument.’
    insignificance, inconspicuousness, unimportance, anonymity, lack of fame, lack of honour, lack of recognition, lack of renown, non-recognition, ingloriousness, limbo, twilight, oblivion