Meaning of non-religious in English:



  • Not relating to or believing in a religion.

    ‘we are non-religious and apolitical’
    • ‘non-religious images’
    • ‘I was born to a Catholic mother, and a non-religious father.’
    • ‘The salsa, the tango, the rumba - it is said that dance is the most important non-religious ritual in Cuba.’
    • ‘There are an overwhelming amount of studies (psychological, religious and non-religious) that show no long term benefits to living together before marriage.’
    • ‘Why is the pomp and ceremony so important to us even in a non-religious service?’
    • ‘Secular (non-religious) Eritrean holidays exist as well.’
    • ‘A non-religious person may still therefore have a deep spirituality and spiritual needs.’
    • ‘Such an occasion allows the predominantly non-religious staff to take a quiet moment out and reflect on whatever such people do in these moments.’
    • ‘In recent years, historians have paid closer attention to popular culture, especially non-religious manifestations of popular culture, such as working-class movements.’
    • ‘Non-religious colonial art, which was mostly restricted to portraiture, echoed European styles and conventions although, due to the distance, prototypes were hard to come by.’