Meaning of non-resident in English:


Pronunciation /nɒnˈrɛzɪd(ə)nt/


  • 1Not living or based in a particular place.

    ‘a non-resident caretaker’
    • ‘The respondents were non-resident Indians based in Britain, Canada and US.’
    • ‘Maintenance payments will be calculated by a formula based on the income of the non-resident parent, discounting tax and pension contributions.’
    • ‘This applied to 84 non-resident clients and 51 charities.’
    • ‘Banks report very few of the estimated 25,000 to 50,000 bogus non-resident account holders have sought information to help avail of the Revenue Commissioner's amnesty.’
    • ‘In the 2003 spring election, Georgina Spooner ran and lost as a non-resident NDP candidate in the constituency of Springfield, where the NDP had little, if any, chance of winning.’
    • ‘Most of the non-resident fishermen were from the U.S., a segment that has seen a 19% increase as sport fishing in Manitoba continues to attract thousands of American fishermen.’
    • ‘A total of 8,736 non-resident mainland women gave birth in public hospitals involving an estimated cost of HK $89.3 million.’
    • ‘So it has been confirmed that almost 800 non-resident children are given places at Sutton's selective schools and comprehensives.’
    • ‘I could only surmise that these Makonde had taken Swahili names to ease their assimilation into coastal society, creating confusion among non-resident park officials.’
    • ‘A CSA spokesman said she could not comment on individual cases and it was sometimes hard to collect the money, ‘especially when a non-resident parent does not comply with the agency’.’
    • ‘But the connections between these non-resident Indians and their home country rarely extended beyond holiday visits.’
    • ‘The study also underlines the need for children to be reassured that they won't lose contact with their non-resident parent and that contact will be maintained as much as possible between parents.’
    • ‘Legal experts have highlighted the fact that the tribunal has no legal powers to compel Mr Kennedy to attend the hearing of the planning inquiry because of his non-resident status in Ireland.’
    • ‘Two of the Task Force's twenty recommendations were that government should not impose any extraordinary tax on non-resident landowners or limit the size of their holding.’
    • ‘Libraries will charge 5,5% more for lending to non-resident users, for audio material, inter-library loans, photocopying charges and lost or damaged books.’
    • ‘We should be stopping all land sales to non-resident foreigners.’
    • ‘There will be American citizens on one side and non-resident aliens on the other.’
    • ‘In addition, unless he is a non-resident foreigner, he knows and speaks the language in which the trial unfolds.’
    • ‘I find their not-so-veiled allusion to my double loyalty particularly amusing when one considers that Canadians still swear allegiance to a foreign, non-resident queen.’
    • ‘In our case, those rules should mean no more land sales to foreign corporations and non-resident foreigners.’
    1. 1.1Computing (of software) not kept permanently in memory but available to be loaded from a backing store or external device.
      ‘if you want to use a non-resident font, you can manually download it’
      • ‘To verify memory stability we used Memtest - 86, a non-resident memory-testing utility.’
      independent, consultant, consulting, hired, temporary, freelance, casual, visiting, non-resident, external, extramural, peripatetic


  • A person not living in a particular place.

    ‘parking permits are available for Richmond residents and non-residents’
    • ‘the bar is open to non-residents’
    • ‘the bank's deposits are held by UK residents and non-residents’
    • ‘Spain could either reduce the rate for non-residents, or increase the rate for residents.’
    • ‘The scheme is not open to non-residents who work in the streets affected.’
    • ‘And there was a strongly positive response from both residents and non-residents.’
    • ‘At the front of the hotel will be a restaurant open to non-residents.’
    • ‘Many non-residents don't even apply for residency, and many residents don't apply for citizenship.’
    • ‘Open for non-residents, the restaurant is one of Cornwall's finest - and by no means the most expensive.’
    • ‘These will be open to non-residents - who will also be able to take a shortcut across one side of the square during daylight hours.’
    • ‘The dining room above, which specialises in fish dishes, seats 40 and is open to non-residents at weekends.’
    • ‘The hotel would comprise 101 bedrooms together with a range of facilities some of which will be open to non-residents.’
    • ‘South African residents get discounted rates, but non-residents will pay around R1700 per night all inclusive.’
    • ‘The gardens are open to non-residents from 1pm to 5pm daily from Easter to October 1, except Sundays’
    • ‘While it is hoped that every family residing in the parish will make a special effort to attend, non-residents will also be most welcome.’
    • ‘Charging non-residents would also damage tourism in the city because many visitors expect attractions like the gallery to be free, she said.’
    • ‘Among a number of other account holders exempted, deposit accounts held by non-residents were exempted from the tax.’
    • ‘Eight big game species can be hunted by non-residents, but non-residents cannot hunt grizzly bears or goats.’
    • ‘From January, Milan plans to impose a ‘pollution charge’ on vehicles driven by non-residents.’
    • ‘While LeSport is all-inclusive, Tao warmly welcomes and encourages non-residents.’
    • ‘If councillors approve the measure, non-residents will be charged £2 a visit.’
    • ‘The poor are considered non-residents, which gives the administration an excuse to evict them.’
    • ‘For non-residents of Eccles, unfamiliar with the precinct and the one way system, this is a devil of a restaurant to find by car.’