Meaning of non-residential in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnɒnrɛzɪˈdɛnʃl/


  • 1Not requiring or providing facilities for people to live on the premises.

    ‘two-day non-residential workshops’
    • ‘Students can avail of the colleges' residential facilities or can pursue the courses on a non-residential basis.’
    • ‘Private investment constitutes investments by business and non-profit organisations in infrastructure, non-residential and residential buildings and equipment.’
    • ‘Together, they went on to buy the Mercy Convent in Stradbally, and converted it into a gardening school with residential and non-residential courses, known as Carrigahilla House and Gardens.’
    • ‘The five-day non-residential courses take place from July 12-16, July 19-23 and July 26-30.’
    • ‘Wrote Gray, ‘It is my pleasure to endorse the University and urge you to become aware of your opportunity to earn an approved graduate degree on a totally non-residential independent study basis.’’
    • ‘Staff shortages, billing errors and unpaid invoices in running the non-residential care system has left the council facing a £523,000 shortfall this financial year and £493,000 in the next.’
    • ‘Pratt now teaches women's studies and creative writing as a faculty member of the Union Institute, a non-residential alternative university.’
    • ‘The non-residential workshop, expected to be officially opened on Saturday morning by Sports minister, Gladys Nyirongo, has been sponsored by IOC in partnership with UNICEF and Commonwealth Games Canada.’
    • ‘A two day non-residential workshop designed to help you celebrate who you are will be held at the Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Bandra on June 14-15.’
    • ‘The course is non-residential, but Stein offers a variety of accommodation options.’
    • ‘The local hospice, in Masterton's Lincoln Road, is a non-residential unit, which offers family support, is a cancer education centre and a base for the nursing staff.’
    • ‘Merton is set to benefit from a new Metropolitan Police 18-week non-residential training course for police recruits, who will be placed in the borough once trained.’
    • ‘Since last July, 750 users of non-residential services have been re-assessed for their ability to pay and 300 homes have been visited by assessors.’
    • ‘Socialist TD Joe Higgins wants the Government to establish a redress board to compensate former pupils of non-residential institutions.’
    • ‘The non-residential camps start at 10 am each morning.’
    • ‘Besides, Mr. Davidar said there were many non-residential academies in various cities and asked the students to make the best use of them.’
    • ‘For adult, non-residential care services the council has discretion as to the extent and level of charges it makes, but not when it comes to residential homes.’
    • ‘There are a range of residential and non-residential retreats.’
    • ‘And, from this year, she is opening the academy up to non-residential courses.’
    • ‘The service is available to all adults receiving non-residential care from Wiltshire County Council.’
    1. 1.1(of property or land) containing or suitable for commercial premises rather than private houses.
      ‘Liverpool's docklands were essentially non-residential’
      • ‘The increase in stamp duty to 9 per cent on non-residential property will weigh against investing in the Irish commercial property market.’
      • ‘All that the civic body could do so far is to issue notices to the software firms asking them to pay property taxes applicable to non-residential properties.’
      • ‘I would have exempted non-residential property from the stamp duty hike.’
      • ‘The Department expects the new stamp duty thresholds on non-residential property to raise an additional €118.5 million in 2003 and €158 million for a full year.’
      • ‘18 acres of non-residential land at Blackhall Place in Meath made £210,000 through TE Potterton.’
      • ‘The notes were issued to owners of non-agricultural land and residential and non-residential buildings that could not be physically restituted.’
      • ‘Some non-residential buildings will be converted into residential properties.’
      • ‘Taller than any other non-residential building in the capital, the high-rise buildings are likely to house a hotel and offices.’
      • ‘It has been stressed that the construction of small non-residential buildings or a small shop may be necessary to facilitate visitors to the island.’
      • ‘Could the fighters force the planes to fly over non-residential areas and then take them down?’
      • ‘Even if they are in non-residential areas, these zones are likely to be around reputable businesses which are not going to accept prostitutes.’
      • ‘This is Marshgate Lane, a 100% non-residential slice of East London, one solitary road cutting across the flood plain of the River Lea.’