Meaning of non-resistant in English:



  • Offering no resistance to something or someone.

    ‘the drugs wipe out all the non-resistant germs’
    • ‘non-resistant pacifism’
    • ‘I urge anyone reading this to look into the effects of smallpox on non-resistant populations.’
    • ‘It is a good policy to use clear epoxy as a top coating for non-resistant paints.’
    • ‘It can be fatal if untreated, and the cost of treatment is 100 times more than that for treating non-resistant tuberculosis.’
    • ‘To guard against the development of insects that are resistant to insecticides, the government has created refuges to ensure that non-resistant insects survive and mate with resistant ones.’
    • ‘The chickens had to be removed to a new environment before non-resistant bacteria began to reappear.’
    • ‘It is important to recognize that resistance also affects the treatment of individuals with non-resistant organisms.’
    • ‘Similarly, fruit flies selected to resist the attacks of parasites are less competitive foragers than their non-resistant counterparts.’
    • ‘Differential erosion of the alternating layers of resistant and non-resistant rock underlying the forest has created steep, narrow, drainages broken up by benches.’
    • ‘By 1941 pacifists had largely left the political arena to strengthen their own non-resistant communities for wartime trial.’
    • ‘Unless the strains are significantly less infectious or deadly than the non-resistant strains, they'll spread more quickly.’
    submissive, acquiescent, unresisting, yielding, unassertive, non-resistant, compliant, complaisant, pliant, resigned, obedient, docile, tractable, malleable, pliable, meek, subdued, deferential, forbearing, long-suffering, patient, lamblike, non-violent, supine