Meaning of non-state actor in English:

non-state actor


  • An individual or organization that has significant political influence but is not allied to any particular country or state.

    • ‘The second is the growing power of non-state actors.’
    • ‘The wording of the first clause also leaves open the question whether terrorism can be committed by states or only by non-state actors.’
    • ‘Under international law, the state has a clear responsibility for human rights abuses committed by non-state actors.’
    • ‘The focus of the book is on national governments, not nonstate actors.’
    • ‘Positive measures of protection are, therefore, required… also against the acts of non-state actors.’
    • ‘In certain contexts, such promotion of rights may be a useful or indeed essential path toward their better recognition by nonstate actors.’
    • ‘A modest expansion of the right imposes the further duty on government to protect a speaker against deliberate interference by nonstate actors.’
    • ‘We are therefore largely concerned with persecution by non-state actors.’
    • ‘The American capacity to battle nonstate actors is less impressive.’
    • ‘The inmates at Guantanamo Bay were captured fighting for a non-state actor, by US forces fighting on the territory of a foreign state.’
    • ‘Today, a reasonably advanced country - or nonstate actor - could develop a chemical or biological weapon in months.’
    • ‘The potential role of non-state actors has added a further dimension to the nuclear proliferation issue in the post cold-war context.’
    • ‘Pluralists consider non-state actors very important entities, having transnational impact.’
    • ‘To fight a nonstate actor whose operational actions are planned to achieve strategic goals, the United States must operate similarly.’
    • ‘Different nonstate actors operate differently in the urban sea.’
    • ‘Conflict involving non-state actors would likely occur in the midst of the civilian population.’
    • ‘What this calculus doesn't take into account is the prospect of leakage to non-state actors.’
    • ‘Similarly, it is important to consider the complex challenge posed by the spread of weapons of mass destruction even to non-state actors.’