Meaning of non-fiction in English:


Pronunciation /nɒnˈfɪkʃn/


mass noun
  • Prose writing that is informative or factual rather than fictional.

    ‘high on the bestseller lists of non-fiction’
    • ‘two of her other non-fiction books’
    • ‘We'll be looking at all kinds of storytelling, poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction.’
    • ‘His lifelong concern with the South also pervades most of his non-fiction prose works.’
    • ‘Although the line between fiction and non-fiction in this book is thin, there is nothing wrong with that.’
    • ‘It could be fiction or non-fiction, horror or fantasy or prose or epic poetry.’
    • ‘He seems to be creating fiction from non-fiction and non-fiction from fiction.’
    • ‘My writing non-fiction short stories has been the most healing thing I have ever done in my entire lifetime.’
    • ‘As well as her novels, Ayn Rand wrote six non-fiction books which were published during her lifetime.’
    • ‘It's a blend of fiction and non-fiction which the author didn't expect her husband to read.’
    • ‘Mukherjee has authored five novels, two non-fiction books and two collections of short stories.’
    • ‘Integrating fiction with non-fiction is no easy feat, but these would be valuable additions to any school book collection.’
    • ‘Do you find yourself becoming quite a different person writing fiction as opposed to non-fiction?’
    • ‘While the emphasis this year is on non-fiction, prose fans are not being neglected.’
    • ‘We have come a long way but there is a lot further to go with both our non-fiction and our fiction.’
    • ‘Austin has written three novels and co-authored four non-fiction books.’
    • ‘If they start naming off non-fiction books by journalists, I ask them about fiction.’
    • ‘It might come as a surprise to my readers to hear that I am a rather dedicated fan of non-fiction.’
    • ‘These became regular features and drew on both non-fiction and fictional material.’
    • ‘The middle classes are the most avid readers of novels, non-fiction and even poetry.’
    • ‘There are few finer pasttimes than gauging the trends in literary non-fiction.’
    • ‘That's one reason the book won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award for non-fiction.’