Meaning of non-smoking in English:


Pronunciation /nɒnˈsməʊkɪŋ/


  • 1(of a place) in which smoking tobacco is not permitted.

    ‘these coaches are strictly non-smoking’
    • ‘We found a table in the non-smoking area.’
    • ‘Children are welcomed and there is a large non-smoking dining area.’
    • ‘It will be the company's first non-smoking pub in the region.’
    • ‘The venue is entirely non-smoking.’
    • ‘Spend time in places where cigarettes are banned, such as cinemas, theatres, non-smoking bars and restaurants.’
    • ‘These coaches are strictly non-smoking and no alcohol is allowed on board.’
    • ‘The office has become a non-smoking zone.’
    • ‘The ship is a non-smoking environment, with smoking on the sundeck only.’
    • ‘It's non-smoking, wheelchair accessible, and the staff are pleasant.’
    • ‘'Smoking or non-smoking?'’
    • ‘In July, we'll be going non-smoking in the bar.’
  • 2Abstaining from smoking tobacco.

    ‘a non-smoking, non-drinking vegetarian’
    • ‘Children from non-smoking homes are much less likely to take up the habit.’
    • ‘Male smokers who took multivitamins had a higher risk of dying from cancer than non-smoking males who took multivitamins.’
    • ‘He found that children from smoking households had cotinine levels three times higher than those from non-smoking households.’
    • ‘This risk is doubled for non-smoking spouses of smokers.’
    • ‘In the study, the researchers compared the health of non-smoking partners of a smoking spouse to non-smoking partners of a non-smoking spouse.’
    • ‘A study found an elevated lung cancer risk associated with high fat diets among non-smoking women.’
    • ‘For a 35-year-old non-smoking male, cover for a salary of £30,000 over 25 years would cost £26 a month.’
    • ‘Studies showed that non-obese, non-smoking exercisers live 8 years longer than their couch potato, smoking contemporaries.’
    • ‘The study included a group of 20 non-smoking, healthy volunteers, equally divided between men and women.’
    • ‘Secondhand smoke is even more dangerous than directly inhaled smoke and kills more than 3,000 non-smoking Canadians a year.’
    • ‘Frozen lymphocytes from four healthy non-smoking volunteers aged 30 - 52 years were analysed.’
    • ‘Develop a support system for quitting - ask a non-smoking friend or family member to be your "buddy," someone you can call to help you through tough times.’