Meaning of nonet in English:



  • 1A group of nine people or things, especially musicians.

    ‘In some circles, these are referred to as cliques but in this instance, it is really more of a nonet that gets the featured billing.’
    • ‘Since 2002's Highwire, The Neufeld-Occhipinti Jazz Orchestra have downsized from 16 members to a svelte nonet.’
    • ‘Davis began leading groups, and in 1949 his nonet recorded the Birth of the Cool arrangements, helping to introduce the impressionistic ‘cool jazz style.’’
    • ‘The ‘cool’ music that Major refers to was first made popular by Miles Davis and his nonet's 1949 recording called The Birth of the Cool.’
    • ‘This big-sounding nonet would make a great initial purchase for 2004.’
    • ‘This Toronto nonet is joined by the always inventive Sam Rivers, who just celebrated his 81st birthday.’
    group, band, orchestra, combo
    1. 1.1A musical composition for nine voices or instruments.
      • ‘In these conditions he managed also to compose a nonet for wind quintet and string quartet before being transferred in February 1945 to Terezín, where he died a month later of dysentery.’



/nəʊˈnɛt/ /nɒˈnɛt/


Mid 19th century from Italian nonetto, from nono ‘ninth’, from Latin nonus.