Meaning of nor'wester in English:


Pronunciation /nɔːˈwɛstə/


  • 1

    short for northwester

    ‘It adds a northerly component to our prevailing westerlies: i.e. more nor'westers, bringing drought to the east and floods to the west.’
    • ‘There was a strong nor'wester blowing across the Canterbury Plains so we thought a walk on the sheltered side of the Port Hills would be a good choice.’
    • ‘It took six to eight hours for the nor'wester to blow away the sea breeze.’
    • ‘Irrigation has lessened the damage caused by hot nor'westers and times of drought.’
    • ‘The original building was erected in 1880, but the builders did not allow for the strength of the nor'west wind and in May 1884 it was completely destroyed by a gale force nor'wester.’
    • ‘The second was written for a book on Canterbury's natural history and dealt with the aspects of weather which have been a subject of Neil's research - climate, weather, climate change, the effects of nor'westers and of winter.’
    • ‘Of course it's what one's used to, I know, and there are plenty of people not willing to put up with the dry skin that the climate brings, not to mention the thundering nor'westers that are likewise a feature of Cannerbury.’
    • ‘The forest itself can be surprisingly sheltered from the nor'westers that rage over the summit of Mount Hutt during spring.’
    • ‘So when people asked me to research the impact of the nor'westers or the long cloudy periods of winter I went back to Hippocrates.’
    • ‘Many of the streets were not sealed and with lots of horses and carts there was a lot of horse manure on them, and when a nor'wester blew it was most unpleasant with the dust and the manure smell.’
    • ‘If you were to ask me, I'd probably label it a nor'wester, and if pressed, suggest that there might be a southerly on the way.’
    • ‘Mainly by courtesy of the birds, but also by courtesy of the nor'wester, various other woody species have come in.’
    • ‘We've had rain but one good nor'wester and we're back where we were.’
  • 2An oilskin jacket or sou'wester.