Meaning of nor yet in English:

nor yet


  • And also not.

    ‘But the ‘Devil’ revealed here is not the cloven-footed demon of medieval folklore, nor yet his murderous human servants.’
    • ‘He slipped quietly and unobtrusively through school, not a scholar, nor yet a dunce, quite good at sports and swimming, quiet and friendly with all, but with no close friends.’
    • ‘We don't know how long it will take, nor yet if we'll succeed.’
    • ‘Not Siberian cold, of course, nor yet Canadian or New England cold.’
    • ‘When I go to bed I put my head on the pillow, shut my eyes and drop straight off into a nice, healthy sleep, not too deep nor yet too shallow.’
    • ‘The latter has neither been published nor yet given to the theatre.’
    • ‘There was a haze on the air, not quite a summer haze nor yet an autumn mist.’
    • ‘If they are not the wise, nor yet the ignorant, who are they, then?’
    • ‘These are not indications of a completed peacekeeping mission, nor yet one that might be successfully handed over to noncombatants.’
    • ‘Then he could not bear to look at it, nor yet to turn his back upon it.’